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RSTCE now has historical webinars available to view. These webinars are free and are NOT available for CEU credits.

ISS 2013 logoIC02: What's New in Medicare Policy for Seating and Wheeled Mobility?. Elizabeth Cole, Laura Cohen (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC11: Complex Rehab Technology Update. Donald E. Clayback (2015)

ISS 2013 logoTechnology to Accommodate Information Processing Impairments. Edmund LoPresti (2014)

ISS 2013 logoEnvironmental Control Unit (ECU): Controlling Small to All. Jack McAlpine (2014)

ISS 2013 logoOutcome Measures in Assistive Technology Service Delivery. Carmen P. DiGiovine, PhD, Mark R. Schmeler, Richard M. Schein (2012)

Adaptive Driving: Foundations and Frontiers. Nahom Beyene (2012)

ISS 2013 logo

Driving Rehabilitation. Amy Lane (2012)

Investigating Clinically Relevant Cushion Characteristics Via Laboratory Testing. J. David Mccausland (2011)

Quantifying Posture According to an International Standard. Barbara Crane (2011)

ISS 2013 logoSocial Networking and Ethical Considerations for Rehabilitation Professionals. Ashli M. Molinero (2011)

Medicare 101 for the Clinician Prescribing Seating and Mobility Products. Elizabeth Cole (2011)

Positioning for Children with Cerebral Palsy: Pre and Post Orthopaedic Surgeries. Denise Peischl, Liz Koczur, Carrie Strine (2011)

Beyond Seating: Enhancing Function & Fun with Children Through Adaptive Equipment. Jonathan Greenwood (2011)

Dynamic Seating: Why, Who, and How ?. Suzanne Eason (2011)

Ethics and Certification: Raising the Bar of Professionalism. Anjali Weber, Laura Cohen, Julie Piriano (2011)

A Practice Guide for Wheelchair Assessments. Mary Shea, Teresa Plummer (2011)

I Know the Best Product for My Client, But Will it Get Funded?. Claudia Amortegui (2011)

Computer Access/Applications for Veterans with Polytrauma. John Coltellaro (2011)

Efficacy of Assistive Technology for Cognitive Disabilities and Polytrauma: A Review of Current Outcomes. Michelle L. Sporner (2011)

ISS 2013 logoRehabilitation Engineering in Clinical Practice. Carmen DiGiovine, Edmond LoPresti, John Coltellaro (2011)

ISS 2013 logoPathophysiology and Management of Spastic Hypertonia: Current Concepts. Michael C. Munin (2011)

Assistive Technology Provided by the VA: The Prosthetic & Sensory Aids Service. Kendra Betz (2010)

ISS 2013 logoBasics of Tissue Integrity Management for Individuals with Polytrauma. Mary Jo Geyer (2010)

ISS 2013 logoAAC – The Components of Augmentative and Alternative Communication”. Andrew F. Jinks (2010)

Clinical Considerations with Selection of Appropriate Adaptive Bathroom Equipment “The Best Potty For Your Body” Part: 1

Clinical Considerations with Selection of Appropriate Adaptive Bathroom Equipment “The Best Potty For Your Body” Part: 2

Sam Adams (2009)

Transporting Preschoolers and Young Children with Special Healthcare Needs. Miriam Manary, Lori Brinkey (2009)

Manual Wheelchair Configuration and Training: An Update on the Evidence. Theresa F. Berner, Carmen P. DiGiovine, Tina L. Roesler (2009)

Assistive Technology for Sports & Recreation – You Can Play a Role. Kendra Betz (2009)

What it means to be a successful RTS/supplier in today’s industry. Eric Grieb, Kevin Gouy (2009)

Driving with a Disability – Clinical and Technical perspectives. Linda van Roosmalen, Amy Lane (2009)

Ride Safe – Wheelchair Transportation. Mary Ellen Buning (2009)

ISS 2013 logoEnvironmental Control Unites/Electronic Aids to Daily Living for People with Polytrauma. John Coltellaro (2009)

ISS 2013 logoAn Introduction and Overview to Assistive Technology for Cognitive Disability for People with Polytrauma. Edmond LoPresti, Roger Little, Michael Pramuka (2009)

Medicare Mobility—Policy Intent vs. Industry Response and Implementation: Power and Manual Mobility, Seating/Positioning, Repairs.:

Paul Hughes, Mark R. Schmeler, Georgie Blackburn (2009)

Best Practices and Clinical Documentation for Mobility Assistive Equipment (MAE).

Paul Hughes, Mark R. Schmeler, Georgie Blackburn, Brad Dicianno (2008)

Materials and their Performance in Support Surfaces in Wheelchairs. Jamie Noon (2007)

Provision and Justification of Optimally Fitted Manual Wheelchairs: Application of Published Clinical Practice Guidelines.

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