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RSTCE is pleased to offer a variety of CEU accredited, on-demand webinars covering current topics in the field of Rehabilitation Science and Technology presented by key subject matter experts. In the spirit of empowering people with knowledge, these presentations are available as open access content (FREE to view). Certain sessions are also dubbed in Spanish and denoted with an icon. If viewers wish to receive CEU's, registration, a processing fee, successful completion of a post-test, and course evaluation are required. Click Here for further information about CEU's and how to register.

Historical Webinars (Non-CEU) can be accessed here: Historical Webinars

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ISS 2021 logoStrategies for Worldwide Wheelchair Services in Less Resourced Areas
Francois Friedel, Elia Bernabeu Mira, Freddy Alfonso Diaz (2021)

ISS 2021 logoEmpower Your Practice with Applied Product Standards
David Brienza, Kendra Betz, Gerry Dickerson, Todd Hargroder, Kara Kopplin, Jon Pearlman, Rebecca Russell (2021)

ISS 2021 logoPandemic Recovery: Lessons Learned and Future Strategies
Laurie Watanabe, Mark Schmeler, Rachel Hibbs, Brad Dicianno, Mitch Bell, Filipe Correia, Karl A. Kemmerer (2021)

ISS 2019 logoSS01: Welcome & Opening Remarks
Mark Schmeler, Anthony Delitto, Jonathan Pearlman, Carol Shrader, John Lovelace (2019)

ISS 2019 logoSS03: ISS Forum: Strategies for Seating & Mobility in the Future
Carmen Digiovine (2019)

ISS 2019 logoSS05: Closing Keynote - The Best and Worst of Times; Perspectives on Opportunities in Mobility Assistive Technology
Michael Boninger (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC04: Optimize Wheeled Mobility Device Recommendations with CLOUT
Kendra Betz, Brad Dicianno (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC08: Flash Forward: A Lifespan Approach to Cerebal Palsy
Andrina Sabet, Diane Thomson (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC20: Pediatric Stander Evaluation & Applications for Fun & FUNction!
Katherine Clark, Douglas Nunn (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC30: What's the Latest Medicare Documentation & Coverage Requirements
Claudia Amortegui (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC33: 3 Ways to Keep Your Client's Head Up!
Michelle Lange (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC37:Power Assist Products and People – Prevent the Mismatch
Mary Shea, Cathy Carver (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC43: Adult Powered Wheelchair Skills Training: Evidence to Practice
Emma Smith (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC46: Size Matters Proper Design of Pediatric Manual Wheelchairs
Lauren Rosen (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC52: Clinical Considerations for Alternative Drive Controls
Wade Lucas, John Doherty (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC53: Physics for Therapists
Rachel Hibbs, Steven Mitchel (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC54: Tailoring Training in Pediatric Power Mobility
Lisa Kenyon, John Farris (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC66: Measurements for Manual Wheelchairs: Details Make a Big Difference
Alli Hyde, Tina Roesler, Jane Fontein (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC73: Science Matters: The Effects of Cushion Setup and Posture on Tissue Deformation
Alexander Siefert, Bart Van Der Heyden (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC75: Community Navigation & Mobility for Individuals with Disabilities
Carmen Digiovine, Olivia Vega (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC80: Wheelchair Service Delivery: Is It Really Happening
Theresa Berner, Carmen Digiovine, Chris Mauer (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC83: Power Wheelchair Electronics: Innovations for All of Life's Needs
Chris Chovan (2019)

ISS 2019 logoIC89: Partnerships Between Suppliers and Clinicians What's the Future
Susan Taylor, Jean Minkel, Anne Kieschnik (2019)

RSTCE logoDemographics & Opinions of ATPs in Supply & Manufacturing Joy Nix (2018)

RSTCE logoCognitive Assistive Technology: Who and How?
Kimberly Eichhorn (2017)

RSTCE logoAlternative Access to Mobile Technology for Computing, Communication, and Environmental Control
Emma Smith (2017)

RSTCE logoMobile Device Integration for Manual and Powered Wheelchair Users
Emma Smith (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC74 – Provision of Wheelchairs for the Client with MS
Carina M. Siracusa, Lauren Esposito, Andrea Stump (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC20 – Developing Competencies for Seating and Mobility Specialists Maureen Story, Catherine Ellens (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC01 – Using the Science of Materials to Compare Wheelchair Cushions Darren Hammond (2017)

ISS 2017 logoSS5 – Closing Session: Driving Healthcare Disruption
Soren Kaplan (2017)

ISS 2017 logoSS4 – Do We Really Need Big Data?
Jean Minkel (2017)

ISS 2017 logoSS2 – ISS Opening Session
Mark R. Schmeler, Rory A. Cooper, Alexander Siefert, Jane Fontein, Kenneth J. Ottenbacher

ISS 2017 logoIC68 - Research & Evidence-Based Practice for Pressure Management and Tissue Integrity Brenlee Mogul-Rotman (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC63 – Running a Seating Clinic 102: Going Beyond the Basics
Lauren Rosen, Jeff Brown, Ashley Williams

ISS 2017 logoIC53 – Seating the 'Unseatable'
Julie Piriano

ISS 2017 logoIC50 – Power Adjustable Seat Height is Both Reasonable and Necessary! Julie Piriano (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC37 – School of Power Mobility: Tips for Teaching Power MobilityAngie Kiger, MEd, Robin Skolsky (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC32 - An Introduction to Hybrid Alternative Driving SystemsSteven J. Mitchell (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC27 – Positioning the Head Michelle L Lange (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC25 - The Other Seat! Critical Considerations for Bathroom Equipment Sharon L Sutherland (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC17 – Early Vs. Late Intervention with Custom Molded Seating Thomas R Hetzel (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC73 – Custom Molding; Who, Why and How Tips from the Collaborative Team Lindsey Veety, Barbara Sipper, Marc Rosen (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC67 – Solution to Complex Drive Systems with the ALS Population Pam Glazener, Gina Kaye Strack (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC09 – Understanding Pressure Injuries for Effective Prevention Amit Gefen, Joyce Black, Cees Oomens, David M Brienza, Dan Bader(2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC57 – The Seating Clinic: Business Realities for Success Theresa F. Berner, Tina L Roesler(2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC48 – Rehab Engineers + 3D Printing + Electronics = Personalized Ben Salatin, Brian Burkhardt (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC10 – What’s the Latest? Medicare Documentation & Coverage Requirements Claudia Amortegui (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC70 – Challenges and Solutions in Seating for Infants and Toddlers Janice Hunt Herman (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC04 – Update on Functional Mobility Assessment and Uniform Data Set Mark Schmeler, Richard Schein, Vince Schiappa, Carmen P Digiovine, Greg Packer (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC78 – Car Seats and Vehicular Transport for Children with Special Needs Amber Yampolsky, Erin Baker (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC11 – Optimizing the Ride: How Manual Wheelchair Configuration Enhances Function Jennith Bernstein, Devon Doebele (2017)

ISS 2017 logoIC02 – Complex Rehab Technology Update
Donald E. Clayback (2017)

VA RSTCE logoElectronic Aids to Daily Living: Implementing Technology Solutions to Meet Patient Goals
Brian Burkhardt (2017)

RSTCE logoVocational Rehabilitation: Introduction and Funding
Bryan McCormick (2017)

VA RSTCE logoChild Passenger Safety: Transporting Children with Special Needs
Missy Bryan and Sarah Haverstick (2017)

VA RSTCE logoCARF: Accreditation in Assistive Technology
Dawn Hameline (2017)

VA RSTCE logoHearing Loss & Hearing Assistance Technologies
Elaine Mormer (2016)

VA RSTCE logoDriver Rehabilitation
Amy Lane (2016)

VA RSTCE logoPower Wheelchair Alternative Driving Methods
Michelle L. Lange (2016)

ISS 2013 logoTechnology Options for Taking Notes
Edmund LoPresti (2016)

ISS 2013 logoTechnology Options for Clients with Prospective Memory Impairments
Edmund LoPresti (2016)

ISS 2013 logoThe Use of 3D Printing for Assistive Technology Applications
Garrett Grindle (2015)

ISS 2013 logoLow Vision and Blindness Assistive Technology Solutions
Michael Bastien (2015)

ISS 2013 logoApplication of CPT Codes in Assistive Technology Centers
Carmen DiGiovine, Theresa Berner

ISS 2013 logoOpening & Keynotes Rory A. Cooper, Michael Boninger, Simon Margolis (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC06: The ABC and XYZ of Cushions and Backs Jane E. Fontein (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC08: The Global Evolution of Custom Molding Seating: New Options and Methodologies Cindi Petito (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC15: The Right Technology at the Right Time: Considerations for Aging with SCI Virginia Walls (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC17: Switch Access to iOS and Other Devices for Wheelchair Users Emma M. Smith (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC22: Dynamic Wheeled Mobility--Next Chapter in the Ultralight Evolution Steve Mitchell (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC23: Initiating Powered Mobility for Individuals with Cognitive Dysfunction. Magdalena Love (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC24: A Functional Prescription for the ALS Patient. Jody D. Avia, Randal Potter (2015)

ISS 2013 logoSS4 The ISS Morning Show: Today’s Hot Topics in Wheeled Mobility. Kendra Betz (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC31: Fit for Function: Individualizing Manual Wheelchairs and Seating Systems. Tricia Garven, Josh Anderson, Doug Garven (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC32: Powered Mobility for Users with Minimal Physical Access: From Trials to Funding. Mary C. Bacci (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC36: Understanding, Evaluating and Justifying Power Assist Technology. Lois Brown, Mark Richter (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC38: Upgrades & Funding: How? When? and Can I Provide the Option?. Claudia Amortegui (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC41: The Impact of Manual Wheelchair Design & Configuration on Propulsion Torque. Stephen Sprigle (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC46: Creative Solutions for Complex Cases. Amber L. Ward, Todd Dewey (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC48: Good Seating for Children with CP Experience and Research in Scandinavia. Lotte Wemmenborn, PT

ISS 2013 logoSS5: Whose Job Is It, Anyway?.
Jean Minkel (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC57: Power Wheelchair Driving Skills: Improving Functional Outcomes. Amy Morgan, Brenlee Mogul-Rotman (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC60: Controlling a Speech Generating Device Through a Power Wheelchair. Michelle L. Lange (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC61: Using Seating to Enhance Movement of the Body in the Wheelchair. Jessica Pedersen, Suzanne Eason (2015)

ISS 2013 logoIC67: Too Early for Mobility? The Benefits of Early Mobility on Pediatric Development. Kaitlin W. MacDonald, Sarah Murdoch, Julie Cagney (2015)

ISS 2013 logoSS6: ADA - Why It Was and Still is Necessary. James Weisman (2015)

ISS 2013 logoUpdate on Rehabilitation Engineering in Clinical Practice. Carmen DiGiovine, Brian Burkhardt, Ben Salatin (2015)

ISS 2013 logoPerspective on ISO Standards and FDA Assessment of Wheelchairs. Rory A. Cooper (2014)

ISS 2013 logoManual Wheelchair Configuration and Training: An Update on the Evidence. Carmen DiGiovine, Theresa Berner, Wendy Koesters, Tina Roesler, PT (2014)

ISS 2013 logoMobile Technology and Apps for AAC. Andrew Jinks (2013)


ISS 2013 logoPanel Discussion: Standardizing to a Higher Standard: Addressing QUALITY as a Known Challenge with Wheeled Mobility Products. Kendra Betz, Jim Black, Rory Cooper, Doug Gayton, Simon Hall, Leslie Samuelson, Dan Wyles (2013)

ISS 2013 logoThe Patient as an Empowered Consumer: Obstacles and Opportunities for the Rehab Patient in Patient-Centered Care. Paul Tobin (2013)

ISS 2013 logoDoes My Evaluation Provide Enough Documentation to Get the Product Funded?. Claudia Amortegui (2013)

ISS 2013 logoGet Smart with SMA: Positioning & Power Mobility Set-Ups for Clients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Nicole S. Wilkins (2013)

ISS 2013 logoFrustrated with Funding? Practical Details of How to Advocate - A Real World Story. Diane Thomson, Ann Eubank (2013)

ISS 2013 logoThe Wheelchair Skills Program and the WHO Guidelines on Wheelchair Provision. R. Lee Kirby (2013)

ISS 2013 logoEthics and Certification: An Update on Raising the Bar of Professionalism. Carmen P. Digiovine, Julie Piriano, Mike Stefanie Laurence (2013)

ISS 2013 logoWheelchair Clinics: Design & Structure Padgitt, Tully, Smith, Shea, Thomson (2013)

ISS 2013 logoAssistive Technology for Sports & Recreation. Kendra L. Betz (2013)

ISS 2013 logoEvaluation for Seating and Wheeled Mobility. Jean Minkel, Kendra L. Betz, Mark R. Schmeler (2013)

ISS 2013 logoOverview of Assistive Technology Assessment and Service Delivery. Mark R. Schmeler (2012)

ISS 2013 logoFundamentals of Wheelchair Seating and Mobility. Mark R. Schmeler (2012)

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