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The Continuing Education in Rehabilitation Technology (CERT) or Veteran’s Administration Assistive Technology Training (VAATT) course is an online training course designed for individuals who are looking for a comprehensive understanding of the field of assistive technology (AT) and how it can be applied to your field of practice. Participation is open to professionals both in the VA, who participate in the VAATT, and outside of the VA, who participate in the CERT, and the courses are taught together and have identical content and learning objectives. Everyone with an interest in AT is encouraged to participate, including clinicians, healthcare providers, consumers, researchers, suppliers, manufacturers, policymakers, and many more!

The course also assists in preparation for RESNA Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) and Seating & Mobility Specialist (SMS) certification exams. The University of Pittsburgh does not provide certification, nor do we administer the exam, but the material in the CERT and VAATT covers many aspects of the RESNA exams.

The course includes two parts. The first is eight, monthly online education modules running from August 2017 to May 2018. Following this, the course concludes with the “Deep Dive,” a two-day, hands-on training session offered in two locations across the country. The Deep Dive covers all course material and allows participants to interact with case studies and ask questions. For details on the 2017 Deep Dive, follow the link below.

Deep Dive Dates

The full course has been certified to provide 3.2 Continuing Education Units, or 32 total contact hours. These credits are provided by the University of Pittsburgh’s department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology, Continuing Education, within the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Each month covers a different subject within assistive technology, including the following topics:


How is the course set-up?

Every month will contain a module including a 60 to 90-minute webinar, downloadable hand-outs, and links to additional reading and resources. Each module requires a commitment of 2-4 hours per month. Participants can view online lectures on their own time can participate in online study groups. Participants will also work as a group to complete case studies regarding a subject with challenges relevant to that month’s topic.

Each month concludes with a monthly recitation via conference call. At this time, participants will discuss their case studies with instructors, subject matter experts, and other participants.

Cost of the course is $899.00, but space is limited to approximately 40 applicants.


How do I Proceed?

The 2016-2017 course is already underway. If interested in applying for 2017-2018, please see below.

Application for the 2017-2018 course will be available on Monday, May 29, 2017. To be added to a reminder list when applications are open, please email the course coordinator, Karl Kemmerer, at


Deadline to Apply for 2017-2018 Course:


Need assistance?

Contact course coordinator Karl Kemmerer at

• Please note that the code provided to persons who attended the ISS 2017 symposium and completed all of the course evaluations can use the special code for 40 hours of online webinars and additional CEU's. Please note, this code is NOT valid for the RESNA Review Course, or the CERT/VAAT course.

Updated | 03.16.2017